• Aesthetics
  • Acoustics
  • Corporate Branding
  • Space Identity
  • Mobile
  • Onsite or Offsite Maintenance
  • May qualify for an accelerated tax depreciation

Why Wool

Wool Nylon (goal: emulate wool)
Durability Wears (fiber loss) Does Not Wear (no fiber loss)
Appearance Looks new until worn to the backing Ages rapidly in appearance, though there is no fiber loss
Color Quality Retains depth and saturation of color through the life of the rug and carpet Quality and depth of color lessens with age and soil
Pile Retention Best- Most resilient fiber to crushing and matting Good- better than other synthetic yarns
Cleanability Best- Most cleanable fiber, best at soil hiding Good- better than other synthetic yarns
Flammability Self-extinguishing, Burned fibers char and flake off revealing the yarn color again Not self-extinguishing, Burned fibers melt leaving a black spot that cannot be removed