This #AvenueRugWork was a team effort, to say the least! Working alongside Alison Lipps of AOS was a great pleasure. While determining just the right pattern for the lobby, we were mainly inspired by nature taken from the existing art in the firm’s lobby. For color, we were guided by the fabric upholstery. The pattern Twindle was chosen by the firm’s partners. Alison and I guided the final color direction and placement. We felt that having a neutral tan background that was dark enough to hide soil but light enough to disappear on top of the beautiful cream travertine was ideal. Twindle has streams of branches moving across the body of the rug; for this, we choose an earthy green. We also incorporated a dark purple to serve as the color position for the sprouting branches that trickles throughout the entire pattern. This small color detail adds an unexpected touch that offers the rug just enough pizzazz.
 Designed by:
Alison Lipps, and Kimberly Graff
New Orleans, LA