“Commonplace between art and architecture exists within the elements of design. Texture, rhythm, pattern, and depth are terms that describe both works of art and habitable built form. Such works of both art and architecture can respond to place engaging its nature and surroundings though patterning, layering, and excavating.
The exploration of architectural elements through the designs that adorn its surfaces add richness and intensity to the surrounding architectural space; reciprocally, the connect of the design’s formative elements to the surrounding architectural form enriches the design with addition depth.
These rug designs explore the connection between the elements of design in both two dimensional works of art and three dimensional elements of built form. The resultant patterns and images are exploratory. The designs are discovered through observation and exploration of architectural form. The patterns, colors, and lines are rooted in their nature as elements unearthed in that exploratory process.”

-Jeff Stolier